Business services

We offer you accounting, prepare the General Ledger Statement and the Balance Sheet. We monitor the payment of taxes, fill in and submit tax returns, maintain the ÁFA (VAT) registration and prepare for ÁFA payment transfers and reclaims. We monitor payment collection for invoices and maintain the registration of receivables from customers. Our responsibilities include performing the accounting for the payroll, social security payments and personal income tax. As well as accounting for wages, sick pay, preparing the payroll, preparing for the transfer of payroll withholding, and the transfer of tax payments.
We prepare you the accountancy reports in English and there is an English-speaking bookkeeper in our office.

If the audit of your company is prescribed by law or by other regulation, we offer you an independent auditor,
as well as if you want to set up a company or you need a legal advice, there is a lawyer in our office also. We also offer you empty shelf companies to start your business within a couple of days. If you need a registered seat for your company we offer you a domicile service too as well as we will provide you managers if you need.

Our office is close to the center of Budapest (the capital of Hungary).

To inquiry please call
Laszlo Sütő-Nagy
on the following mobile:

+36 30 996 6680

or mail to: